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5 Exciting Things Coming In Dying Light 2 Stay Human

5 Exciting Things Coming In Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Dying light 2 is the sequel to the well-received first game, which will be released on February 4th, 2022. It’s developed by Techland and takes place twenty years after society fell because of the Harran virus.



The Infected have a sleeping pattern

During the day, most of the infected can be found sleeping in abandoned buildings to avoid UV rays that are lethal to them. A player can enter or pass through one of these buildings and find themselves unlucky if they aren’t prepared.


At Nighttime, the infected can be seen leaving their buildings and wandering the streets looking for prey, similar to nocturnal animals.


5 Exciting Things Coming In Dying Light 2 Stay Human


Also, there are valuable items inside the infected buildings that incentivize players to explore at night.



The Infected have evolved

It’s been twenty years since the last storyline, and the infected have not stopped growing. The volatile now have thicker skin, the Demolisher has mutated further, the Goon has grown to be massive, and their weapons have fused with their hands.


You can count on cooler-looking infected in this ever-changing world.



There won’t be any firearms or vehicles

Firearms are not in the game because civilization is destroyed, and there is no way of making more. And the developers removed vehicles because the alternative method of getting around is more interesting.


Instead of firearms, the player can use melee weapons, bows, and a handmade shotgun.


5 Exciting Things Coming In Dying Light 2 Stay Human


And for getting around the city, the player can freerun, use the grappling hook, or the new paraglider.



The story is adaptive

The story changes based on the player’s decisions as you meet the various factions. Some missions that you’ll be sent on will put you in a bad place with another faction, meaning the player has to choose whether it’s worth it or not.


Depending on what factions are present in the area, you’ll see changes in the environment based on their viewpoints.


Players will also how more of an impact on the direction of the narrative through dialogue choices and actions.



There is a quality mode and a performance mode

Next-Gen console players will choose to play in either quality mode or performance mode when playing Dying Light 2.


These choices will result in either a higher frame rate or better graphics.


5 Exciting Things Coming In Dying Light 2 Stay Human


Quality mode puts more attention to the finer details in the world and better lighting and ray tracing.


Performance mode will tone down the visuals to grant you better frame rates.


The game will be published by Techland and sold on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 & 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.



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