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Fortnite – How to Farm Gold Quickly

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Go to the game’s The Forest – Stonewood tab to Fight The Storm, then select Play With Others, then finetune it to where you’re searching for games with power level 1 to 3. This should get you in a Storm Shield defense game. If it’s something else, just back out of the game and try again.


Tip: Before you load, look at the players’ actual power levels. You want to look for a power level 3 or 5. These are the average powers people are at when they do ssd 1 and 2, which gets you in a Storm Shield defense game. If there are 2 or more people with power level 3 it’s probably the first Atlas. Multiple power level 4’s or 5’s and it’s probably Ride The Lighting.


After the match is done and you’ve helped a new player out in their first Storm Shield defense game, you’ll receive 2 Mini Reward Llama’s. Claim your Mini Reward Llama’s to gain 60 up to 100 or 200 Seasonal Gold per match!


Note: On top of all that Gold you get lots of Hero XP for completing each Storm Shield defense match.


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