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FIFA 21 – Defensive Tactics Guide


Defensive Tactics

You have four options to choose from here.



Drop Back

Drop Back calls most of your team back for an ultimate defense formation but leaves the offense extremely weak. This tactic could be good for defending after you have scored some goals but if you still have to score, this tactic will not work in your favor. With this chosen, your strikers become more passive as well and will not avail of any attacking opportunities so you will have a great defense.




This option allows for a decent balance between the positions in the middle of the field. This neither falls as a defensive or an offensive tactic. Your team will remain in the middle of the field and also neutral in terms of tactics.



Pressure on Heavy Touch

This option has two variations. Your team maintains its formation until it has to pressure the opposing team in cases such as a loose ball, the opposition takes a heavy touch, or a difficult pass facing your own goal. However, if your team loses the ball in this scenario, you must take it back in 7 seconds otherwise your team will fatigue and the players will be out of position as well.



Constant Pressure

This tactic offers the most pressure on your opponent’s offense. However, you must note that this option is very demanding and will greatly fatigue your team. If you push them too hard they will remain out of their position and will also have low stamina for when you really need it. However, it is also the most effective tactics option when you want to oppress the opposition team with maximum pressure.


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