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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team – Tips on How to Improve Your Ultimate Team

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team - Tips on How to Improve Your Ultimate Team

  • You must win games. We know that sounds like an obvious piece of advice and one that can be tricky at that. Winning games and successfully climbing the weekend league and squad battles will net you HUGE rewards without the cost and will help you to grind your team up.


  • Buy and Sell TOTW Players in FIFA 20 to Make FIFA Coins Easily. Every week, usually on a Wednesday, EA releases the FUT Team of the Week. These cards are incredibly rare and as such, are very expensive. The trick is to purchase these players early on, then sell them later down the line. Think of them as investments, as they almost always increase in value over time.


  • Want to get an edge in Ultimate Team? Buy a second basic gold squad. Now, youโ€™ll never have to worry about fitness cards again. Place your first-team squad on the bench and reserves of your second squad and vice-versa. Then, alternate between playing online with your first XI and offline with the second-string squad, and youโ€™ll find that no oneโ€™s fitness will ever drop. Itโ€™s the perfect foundation for you to build up ย coins without having to worry about taking morale- (and fitness)-sapping losses.


  • Pay attention to the SBC requirements and what is happening in the world of football. SBCs and special player cards are influenced by real-world events, meaning if a player performs well after a game week, it is likely they will be seeing a big upgrade that week, so scan the market to see if you can snag some bargains in preparation for high demand.


  • Buy packs at the right time. EA Sports will release special pack sales at certain times, so take advantage of this. They will be offering huge pack sales that can store incredibly rare players every so often, so hold on to your coins or FIFA Points for those special occasions.


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