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EA Sports WRC: How to Use Wipers

EA Sports WRC: How to Use Wipers

If you’re tearing up the tracks in EA Sports WRC & need to deal with that rain or mist like a boss, here’s the play-by-play on manual wiper control…



Kick off with Manual Mode:

To get those wipers under your thumb you gotta shut down the auto mode


Pause the Scene: Hit up that pause while you’re mid-game



Hit the Options:

  • Xbox crew you’re looking for ‘X


  • PlayStation family it’s all about that ‘Square


  • Keyboard folks → tap F1


These are your quick keys straight to the options from the heat of the race… You can hit this up from the main menu too if you’re just starting out or taking a breather.


Dive into Assist Options: In the options menu find the ‘assist’ section… Look for the setting tagged ‘automatic wipers’


Switch it Off: Toggle that option off to take the wheel on wiper control.



Handling Your Wipers:

With the auto out of the way it’s time to get your hands dirty;


  • Xbox Gamers: The ‘Left Bumper‘ is your trigger


  • PlayStation Drivers: L1 is where it’s at


  • Keyboard Racers: Hit up ‘W


Need those wipers?? Press and hold the right button for a hot second… That’ll kick them into gear.


Wanna mess with the speed or hit pause on them wipers?? Tap that same button till it feels right… When you hear that click sound that means you’re all set.


And hey if you decide you’re over the manual life & wanna flip back to auto just stroll back into the options & hit reverse on what we just did…


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