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Dungeon Keeper™ 2 PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Dungeon Keeper™ 2 PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Dungeon Keeper 2’s a real treasure from ’99 & now it’s up for grabs on Steam, all thanks to EA droppin’ almost all its iconic cult favorites… It feels good to be bad, but it’s even better to be the embodiment of evil. Here, you can explore your dark side by building your own underground realm. You carve out a vibrant, living world & attract a slew of sinister creatures to boost your dark forces. Partner with the Horned Reaper & grow your empire as you aim to reach the surface and conquer the realms above.


This guide? It’ll sharpen your skills, listing all the essential PC keyboard controls & shortcuts for playing Dungeon Keeper 2 on PC…



PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

Movement and Viewing

  • Toggle Sniper Mode: Insert


  • Creep (Move slowly): CTRL


  • Run: SHIFT


  • Scroll View Up: Arrow Key UP


  • Scroll View Down: Arrow Key DOWN


  • Scroll View Left: Arrow Key LEFT


  • Scroll View Right: Arrow Key RIGHT


  • Zoom In: HOME or CTRL + Arrow Key UP


  • Zoom Out: END or CTRL + Arrow Key DOWN


  • Rotate View Left: DELETE or CTRL + Arrow Key LEFT


  • Rotate View Right: PG DN or CTRL + Arrow Key RIGHT



Gameplay Actions

  • Fire/Attack: SPACE


  • Pick Lock/Disarm/Jailbreak: NUM 0


  • Possessed Melee Select: 1


  • Possessed Spell Selects: 2, 3, 4 for different spells


  • Possessed Primary Ability: 5


  • Possessed Secondary Ability: 6


  • Possessed Group Select: 7


  • Remove From Group/God Mode: CTRL + G



Camera and UI Controls

  • Pause + Options: ESC


  • Take Screenshot: PRINT SCREEN


  • Pick up Non-Creature Objects: PAGE UP


  • Send Multiplayer Messages: TAB


  • Adjust Ambient Light: Increase with =, decrease with


  • Camera Perspectives: F1 (Isometric), F2 (Top Down), F3 (Oblique), F4-F6 for User Defined Cameras


  • Rotate and Zoom Camera with Mouse: X + MOUSE LEFT/RIGHT for rotation, Z + MOUSE UP/DOWN for zoom


  • Adjust Gamma: Increase with SHIFT + ., decrease with SHIFT + ,



Special Camera Actions (Free Camera/User Camera Settings)

  • Roll Right: CTRL + DELETE


  • Pitch Down: CTRL + END


  • Pitch Up: CTRL + HOME


  • Roll Left: CTRL + INSERT


  • Yaw Right: CTRL + PG DN


  • Yaw Left: CTRL + PG UP




  • Zoom to Next Fight: F


  • Toggle GUI (Graphical User Interface): G


  • Zoom To Dungeon Heart: H


  • Toggle Player Information: I


  • Map: M


  • Zoom To Portal: P


  • Select High/Low Level Creature: CTRL + . or CTRL + , + Click on creature portrait


  • Quick Load: CTRL + L


  • Restart Level: CTRL + R


  • Quick Save: CTRL + S


  • Ally Window: A


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