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Divided We Fall – Weapons


There are four classes of weapons in the game. Rifles, SMG’s, MG’s and Snipers. Keep in mind that the weapons in DWF are equal to eachother within their class. An MG42 has a 100 round belt and a high firerate, but a BAR machinegun has the same 100 round belt and firerate, even though it’s historically inaccurate. There isn’t a difference in weapon stats between factions.


Rifles: (K98 and M1Garand)
The standard weapon given to every soldier. These weapons have decent accuracy along with an average firerate. They are generally useful for open fields where approaching the enemy through cover isn’t possible.

Submachine Guns: (MP40 and Thompson)
SMG’s have a faster firerate than their rifle counterpart, making them useful for close quarters fights where the first shooter’s the winner. However, their accuracy past close quarters is rather poor, making them not very effective in open field combat compared to rifles.
An SMG for every player is given to the commander at the start of the game. It’s the commander’s duty to decide how to distribute them.

Machineguns: (MG42 and BAR Machinegun)
MG’s have the fastest firerates in the game, firing 10 rounds each burst at their targets. They generally sport poor accuracy and slow aiming speed after moving, however their purpose does not lay in killing targets. Their purpose lays in suppressing the enemy. MG’s are best placed a bit in the back with the highest firerate set, where you just let them shoot at the enemy. It doesn’t matter if they don’t hit. Missed bullets still suppress the enemy, which in turn puts your soldiers at an advantage.

Sniper Rifles: (Gewehr and Winchester)
Sniper rifles have questionable accuracy at varying ranges outside of snipermode. They tend to be less accurate at closer ranges. However, in with sniper mode on, snipers gain a lot of accuracy at the cost of field of view and rate of fire.

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