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  • L2 or R2 — Switch target left or right, or in core battles, holding L2 switches to a summoning core while holding R2 switches to the enemy’s core


  • L2 + R2 — Switch to nearest target


  • Hold L2 + R2 — Unlock to target the summon crystal


  • L1 — Guard shield (shield degrades over time and when hit — if shield is fully broken, you are left unable to move or attack for a few seconds)


  • L1 + Left Analog Stick — Sidestep to avoid attack, or when used in the middle of a combo, it cancels the end of an attack to avoid a counterattack


  • R1 — Dash towards currently selected target


  • Touch Pad — Begin summoning ritual after meter is full (goes faster if more characters perform ritual at same time)


  • Triangle — Activate character specific EX skill


  • Triangle + Left Analog Stick Up — First alternate EX skill


  • Triangle + Left Analog Stick Down –– Second alternate Ex skill


  • Square — HP attack towards targeted enemy


  • Circle — Basic bravery attack towards targeted enemy


  • Circle + Left Analog Stick Up — First alternate bravery attack


  • Circle + Left Analog Stick Down  Second alternate bravery attack


  • X — Jump (hold for longer jump, tap twice for double jump; some characters can perform triple jump as well) or use in air after being attacked to recover quickly


  • D-Pad — Up, down, left, or right on the d-pad pulls up quick chat messages to your teammates; keep pressing to select different options or tap circle, square, X, or triangle to choose a specific message


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