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Safe Codes

Mission 1 โ€” Dishonored

The safe is located directly past where Corvo gets his gear.

Combination: 4-5-1



Mission 2 โ€” High Overseer Campbell

This safe is inside Dr. Galvaniโ€™s residence

Combination: 2-8-7


This isnโ€™t a safe, but a locked kennel door in the basement of the mansion

Combination: 2-1-7


This safe is in the Barracks

Combination: 2-0-3



Mission 03 โ€” House of Pleasure

This safe is inside the Art Dealerโ€™s house

Combination: (randomized) 6-5-6, 6-9-6, 8-7-9, 1-3-8, or 6-7-9



Mission 04 โ€” The Royal Physician

This safe is located in Pratchettโ€™s House

Combination: 4-7-3


This safe is behind the painting in the wrecked building

Combination: 2-9-4



Mission 06 โ€” Return to the Tower

This safe is in the private quarters of Lord Regent Hiram Burrows

Combination: 9-3-5



Mission 07 โ€” The Flooded District

This safe is under water near the start of Central Rudshore

Combination: 4-2-8


This safe is in the Old Port Districtโ€™s sewer

Combination: 5-2-8


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