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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – Cross Save Guide

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Cross Save

Q: What is Cross Save? What will it actually do?

A: Cross Save enables you to choose one Destiny player account (your Active Account) that you can access from wherever you choose to play. Although this is not a permanent action, developers did build this new feature as something that players will activate just once to support a hobby that spans more than one platform where Destiny can be played.



Q: Which platforms does Cross Save support?

A: All of them! With one Active Account, you’ll be able to unify your experiences on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and Stadia (when it launches later on this year).



Q: Does this mean that I can play with players on other platforms?

A: Cross Save won’t let you engage players on other platforms in real time. The idea is that you can move from one platform to another and play with the same Guardians.



Q: Can I use Cross Save to merge Guardians or Collections on different platforms?

A: No. Cross Save will enable you to link accounts you use to play games on separate platforms and then designate one of them as your Active Account. From that point forward, the Guardians on that account will the characters you use to play on all linked platforms. Developers built the feature envisioning this as a decision you will make once.



Q: I don’t have Destiny on another platform, can I still Cross Save?

A: If you have Destiny installed on multiple platforms, you can link the accounts you use to access them. With Destiny 2: New Light, it’s easier than ever to install a version of the game that you can play with your friends.



Q: Do my previous game purchases transfer across platforms?

A: No. The things you have purchased from your PC or Console stores will remain on the platforms where you bought them. These includes games or balances of Silver. Cross Save enables you to access the Guardians and Collections on one Active Account from wherever you play. The things that you acquire for your characters in the game are what move with you from one platform to another.



Q: Can I disable Cross Save once I’ve enabled it?

A: Cross Save is intended to be a one-time action, but developers realize there may be cases in which you want to visit the characters you left behind. Once Cross Save has been disabled, you will have access to your original characters on each platform. There is a 90-day wait to re-enable the feature. This policy exists to discourage activity like account recoveries by other players.



Q: How does Silver work?

A: Just like the game content that you acquired for one specific platform, Silver must be spent on the platform it was purchased.



Q: Does Silver get merged with Cross Save?

A: No. With Cross Save, players select one set of characters from a platform to be their active characters. Silver is associated with your characters, so when you select a set of characters to be active, only that silver on that platform will be available. The Silver you own on your other accounts will remain tied to those accounts, should you ever choose to access them again. However, any future Silver purchased will be available on the platform it was purchased.



Q: What actions can limit my use of Cross Save?

A: The following actions will impact a player’s ability to enable or disable Cross Save:


  • Players who disable Cross Save cannot re-enable Cross Save until 90 days after it was disabled


  • Players who purchase Silver cannot disable Cross Save until 90 days after the Silver was purchased


  • Players who perform a refund for purchased Silver cannot activate Cross Save until that Silver is re-purchased for that account


  • Players subject to a ban or restriction cannot activate Cross Save, or disable Cross Save if already active, until that ban or restriction has expired



Q: How much does it cost?

A: Cross Save is a free service that developers provide to players of Destiny who want to jump into the action in more than one place.



Q: When can I link my accounts and use the same Guardians to play in more than one place?

A: Developers expect to launch this feature on August 21, 2019. This will give you the time you need to link your accounts and get your friends lists sorted before the launch of Shadowkeep and New Light.



Q: How will Cross Save impact my Clans?

A: Your Active Account will be included in only one Destiny Clan. That will become your Clan on all the platforms where you play Destiny. Your Active Account will only take up one player slot in your Clan Roster, but you’ll have access to your Clan teammates who are currently playing on the same platform. As you move from one platform to another, you’ll be able to make progress on your clan objectives wherever you play.



Q: If I don’t own specific game content on one platform, can I use the gear associated with that content that I earned on another platform?

A: Mostly, yes. Players keep all their Forsaken gear/progress while playing on platform where they own Base D2 and not Forsaken.


Exception: PlayStation Exclusives. Those can only be used on PlayStation until Shadowkeep launch. After launch, that restriction goes away. Also, users can’t play any Forsaken gated activities and new rewards will drop at the D2 Base power cap while playing on the platform that doesn’t own Forsaken.



Q: Is Cross Save available for Destiny 1?

A: No. Cross Save is only available for Destiny 2.



Q: Can Cross Saved Console players play on PC starting on August 21st?

A: Yes, Players must own Destiny 2 on to play on PC. They will be able to play on until 10/1. On that date, their purchases are transferable to Steam using Destiny 2 will be playable on Steam starting 10/1 for all players.



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