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Courtship and Marriage – Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Courtship and Marriage - Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Marriages in Calradia are arranged between families, but love and attraction are not entirely ignored. Royal marriages are often contracted purely to cement alliances, but as you go down the social ladder and the political stakes get lower, it becomes more likely that the couple will know and like each other before they are wed. Because Calradia is at a particularly unsettled time in its history, with some social barriers breaking down, courtship plays a greater role than in earlier eras.


Players in Bannerlord may wish to marry a member of a noble clan to further their political ambitions and to produce heirs. To marry, a player must first raise the possibility with a prospective spouse or his or her families. Then the player then complete two persuasion tasks to convince the prospective spouse that they are compatible and that a marriage would work. The player may then speak to the head of the clan to complete the courtship, which may involve the payment of a bride price or dowry.


Non-player characters will have different criteria for their prospective spouses. Some may wish to marry an honorable and upright player, while others may be attracted to rogues. All will attach some importance to a player’s renown, or his or her relationship with the spouse’s family, but some will value this much more than others.


Non-player characters will also marry in the course of the game, and a player may wish to marry off his or her heirs to other houses to continue the dynasty. The spouses of players or their heirs will join the player’s clan, so players are not allowed to marry the heads of other clans.


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