Anno 1800 - Unlockable First-Person Mode - Magic Game World

Anno 1800 – Unlockable First-Person Mode

Anno 1800 - Unlockable First-Person Mode

How To Unlock the First-Person Mode?: You can unlock the “hidden” mode by pressing the following keyboard keys at the same time: Ctrl + Shift + R.


In First-Person Mode you get to walk around by yourself in the city you built, with standard WSAD keyboard key movement for up, down, left & right movement and the spacebar key for jumping.


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November 7, 2023 11:58

I tried this feature and found myself in an undeveloped environment with a city I could see across a river I could not cross. I met a fireman who asked me to interact with a fire station that was not there. When I tried using the same keys to exit first-person mode I was unable to. I had to do a hard shutdown to get myself out. What is the explanation for this?

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