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Stellaris: Overlord Cheats

Stellaris: Overlord Cheats

Press (TILDE, the key above TAB) to access the in-game cheat console. Then, for the corresponding effect, enter the commands listed below.


  • helpย โ€“ See a list of available commands


  • Cash [amount]ย โ€“ Adds [amount] cash


  • Engineering [amount]ย โ€“ Adds [amount] engineering points


  • Minerals [amount]ย โ€“ Adds [amount] minerals


  • Influence [amount]ย โ€“ Adds [amount] influence


  • Physics 50000ย โ€“ Adds Physics


  • Society [amount]ย โ€“ Adds [amount] society


  • add_trait_speciesย โ€“ Adds trait (i.e.ย add_trait_species human intelligent)


  • Instant_Buildย โ€“ Activates instant build


  • research_technologiesย โ€“ All technologies unlocked


  • Resource [resource] [amount]ย โ€“ Adds [amount] of specified [resource]


  • Skills [amount]ย โ€“ Adds [amount] of skills to leaders


  • invincibleย โ€“ Invincibility activated


  • Damage [amount]ย โ€“ Selected ship suffers [amount] damage


  • Crashย โ€“ Crashes the game


  • Ftlย โ€“ Activate/deactivate unlimited Ftl


  • Contactย โ€“ Activate/deactivate contact with all


  • [Selected Planet] populate โ€“ Fills all free slots on the selected planet with pop


  • Surveyย โ€“ Surveys all planets


  • Techuptadeย โ€“ Resets the player tech tree


  • overnight โ€“ Preps for overnight session (i.e.,ย overnight 3)


  • debug_nomen โ€“ All AI-controlled nations never agree with your deals and proposals.


  • debug_yesmen โ€“ All AI-controlled nations always agree with your deals and proposals.


  • alienfx โ€“ Attempt to change computer lights with Alien FX


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