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Star Control: Origins – Star Control Quests Guide

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Star Control Quests

Ceres training facility

In case your ship piloting skills are a little rusty you can go and get a refresher course at the Ceres facility.


Go to the Ceres facility and talk with Captain Emery about the trials. Complete them to test your skills and earn rewards:


  • Complete combat trial to get Advanced Nuke weapon module


  • Complete the third trial to get Point Defense weapon module




Expand Earth’s influence

After forming some alliances you get the mission to obtain some hyperdrives so humanity can expand.


  • Discover potential colony sites.


Epsilon Trireme I;


P3X-411, in Sirius A;


Ebru, in Ross 154.



  • Bring a hyperdrive to Star Control. Acceptable hyperdrives are:


Enforcer Drive, obtained at the end of the quest Stop the Drenkend.


Possibly Stolen Hyperdrive, bought from the Menkmack.


Overdrive, obtained from the Trandals after an alliance



  • 100 units of Francium is also required. Good sources of Francium are:


Plutonic planets in general.


Maven, in Castor A, has 140 units.


Lisro, in Serpentis, has 127 units.


Pilos, in Alpha Garanulus, has 101 units.



  • After making one delivery Terran Cruisers are available for purchase.


  • After some time the planets will be colonized and Earth’s influence will expand.


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