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Space Hulk: Deathwing – Enhanced Edition – Tips & Tricks

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  • The only two vital parts of your armor are the head and the torso. Avoid any critical damage in these two areas. Any non-vital part of your armor broken will limit your abilities.



Health system scale

100-80%: fully operational (blue)


80-60%: slightly damaged (yellow)


60-40%: significantly damaged (orange)


40-20%: severely damaged (red)


20-0%: critical condition (flashing red)


0%: out of order (black)


  • The blue gauge on the right side of your armor interface measures your ability to charge. Your Terminator armor only allows you to run limited distances, so be sure to keep an eye on it.


  • Some evolved Genestealers can temporarily block your ability to charge. Beware of the Thorax Swarm.


  • Electrical abilities are very effective against turrets.


  • Locked large doors cannot be destroyed. However, they can usually be unlocked.


Small doors that are locked can be destroyed with your melee weapon. Weapons such as the Thunder Hammer or the Power Fist are especially effective at destroying doors.


  • Some weapons are more reliable than others. If you want your gun to stop jamming, invest your skill points in the Devotion branch.


  • Some weapons allow you to ignore the enemy’s armor. Be sure to equip these weapons when confronting armored enemies such as Scythe-strain Genestealers.


  • Keep track of your objectives by consulting your Mission Log in the Map Menu (M).


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