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Red Dead Online – Naturalist Role Guide

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Naturalists are wildlife specialists who track and study animals, exchanging the samples they gather for rewards.


To become a Naturalist, meet Harriet Davenport in Strawberry and purchase the bundle of professional equipment required to research wildlife; the Animal Field Guide, Legendary Animal Map, and the Sample Kit.


If you choose not to purchase these immediately, Harriet will have them for sale at her store.




The Animal Field Guide is a collection of notes and research on the animals that inhabit the states. Use this to track your progress as you learn more about the wildlife around you by sampling, studying and photographing them in their natural habitats. Find the Animal Field Guide in the Progress section of the Pause menu, inside Roles, or open it quickly via the Kit section of your Item Wheel.


Once you have sold an animal sample to Harriet, she will stamp the animal’s entry in the Animal Field Guide. Stamp every animal in a category and you can trade the completed category for a reward. The category will then be cleared, and you can begin researching each animal again.




Remember, if you prefer hunting animals to studying them, the famous trapper Gus Macmillan runs a number of storesย throughout the states. Visit Gus to trade animal pelts and skins and craft unique outfits from the materials. But be warned: if Harriet finds out you’ve been hunting animals, she will bar you from her store for a short period of time.




Harriet is always looking for new research and will pay Naturalists who bring her samples of individual animals. To sample an animal, use Sedative Varmint Cartridges to temporarily put it to sleep. Once the animal is unconscious, you are free to safely take a sample.


Remember; the larger the animal, the higher the dosage of sedative needed to bring it down. Meanwhile, a single dose of sedative can be fatal to smaller animals.




Naturalists often stumble on Legendary Animals while traversing the states. These animals are famous for their rare coloring, making them a prize for Naturalists and poachers alike. You will be notified if a Legendary Animal is nearby. You can then begin to follow the clues around you to track the animal down.


You can also launch Animal Sighting Missions by speaking to Harriet who will be only too pleased to tell you any rumors she’s heard. She can also offer you information on any animal poaching, and send you on short missions to free the animals.


Harriet can also offer a variety of hunting equipment, such as baits and Legendary Animal Pheromones, and tonics with interesting effects. Visit her store to view her stock.




As you rank up, you’ll receive Tokens that can be used to unlock new skills, activities, equipment, horses, and clothing. In particular, Naturalists can unlock the Wilderness Camp which will create a small camp anywhere in the world where you can craft, cook, and rest. Harriet might also be willing to share her secret studies on establishing a very particular connection with the natural world. You can view this in the Progress section of the Pause menu.


To progress your career as a Naturalist, gain experience by collecting and selling samples, studying animals, completing Animal Sighting Missions, taking part in Naturalist Free Roam Events, and completing Daily Role Challenges. View and track your Daily Role Challenges in the Player menu.


Red Dead Online Beginner’s Guide – Top Tips for New Players in 2022


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