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Outward – Beginner’s Guide – Tips & Tricks

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1) At the start of the game pick up the bandage near the captain, you find a fish harpoon near the purifying machine, a waterskin near the water fountain. A bedroll, pickaxe, and lantern+some gear are in Cierzo storage. And some other items like a pitchfork, axe, big axe and a lot of berries.


NOTE: Before leaving for Cierzo storage, keep a weapon, waterskin and lantern. Speak to the guard near the gate, the one with the Horns. he will give you a free skill depending on what weapon you are using. Don’t worry if you are not using a weapon you like or if you miss/missed, you can get that skill later from a trainer. Remember to buy the 50 weight backpack and leave it almost empty from the village, don’t buy any tools.


2) Fishing is one of the most important ways to get money since you can get rare fish and blue sand.


3) Mining is also very important, when mining iron you can get some gems, you can mine ammolite on the beaches and salt.


4) With iron you can craft arrows, never buy arrows, just wood, and iron scraps.


5) Go through Cierzo storage and save the sailor on the beach, make sure it’s night so you can gather blue sand from the beach, fish, get seaweed and mine ammolite, stay very far from the pistol crabs.


6) At this point you can go back to Cierzo or continue to explore. NOTE: big tree stumps hide loot in them.


7) Hyenas are easier to kill with halbards, chicken you will need a blow or weapon with bleed/poison or just something with very high damage…..Kill all the chicken you see until you get a mask with +20% movement speed.


8) Explore little bits of the map and learn it, it you get lost it might help to wait until night so you can see the lighthouse which has a very bright light.


9) There are a lot of supply caches and some dungeons around the map but also corpses, some other locations, and bandit camps…..USE MAP MARKERS.


10) The next step should be to continue to the sunken ship on the lower right if you can, at this point you should be able to kill a few hyenas.


11) The sunken ship chest is Moon commanding the stars so Moon, Stars. There is also a bandit camp near it if you want to try your luck. OR you could go near Vendal fortress for a chance to get some nice weapons if the bandits fight with the pistol crab.


12) Next head for the big Pylon and near the lake is a cave with a special encounter. you can choose other rewards but the best one and the permanent one is POWER.


There are some other things in the area but you might want to head back just by going straight West.


Very important to remember is that the dungeons, mining nodes, fishing spots, caches, etc respawn their loot all the time but at different intervals so gathering resources is better than waiting for creatures to respawn.


13) Try the crafting, cooking, alchemy when you can….the system is really well made and the more you learn, the easier it will be on adventures.


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