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Norland: Managing Loyalty, Rebellions and Terror

Norland: Managing Loyalty, Rebellions, and Terror


Indicates how loyal the lord is toward the king.


  • Changes slightly every day, but will drop significantly if the character is unhappy or doesn’t like the king.


  • High loyalty allows giving special assignments to this lord.


  • Low loyalty (below 25) can lead the lord to move to another noble house or, if they are the heir, raise a rebellion.


Loyalty is displayed in the Character menu. Hover your mouse cursor over the loyalty number next to the crown icon to find out how and why it has changed recently.


Hint: You can quickly raise loyalty by rewarding a lord or threatening them (under “King’s Actions”).




Rebellions of various classes of the population pose a great danger to your lords.


  • Prisoners and Warriors may rebel if their average mood over a day falls below 25 (i.e., they are unhappy).


  • Religious fanatics may start an uprising if peasants are unhappy. In this case, fanatics of all classes – warriors, prisoners, and even lords – are involved in the rebellion. Such a rebellion can also be started by a bishop if he has a mortal enemy among your lords. Therefore, the fewer fanatics in the city, the safer it is.


  • The heir or former heir may rebel if their loyalty to the king drops to zero and they are not on friendly terms. In this case, a portion of the army will join in with the rebel.




Unjustified executions and punishments cause a sense of terror among the population.


Since characters of different social classes usually do not communicate with each other, terror among the peasants usually does not cause fear among the lords, and terror among the lords goes unnoticed by the peasants.


You can also carry out terror against a specific culture if they threaten you with rebellion – and this will inspire the culture that hates them (for example, the Kaiden peasants will be pleased with terror against the Varn).


Hint: The positive thought from terrorizing a hated culture is so strong that this action is one of the best tools for creating loyalists.


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