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NBA 2K20 – How to Create a Crew


Follow these simple steps;


  • After logging into your MyCareer select the “Nav” button (for Xbox this is the “Y” button on your controller).


  • Scroll down and select the “CREW” button.


  • Once selected a secondary menu will appear. Select “CREATE CREW”.


  • Enter a new CREW team name and select Done”.


  • Enter a City Name and select Done”.


  • Enter a CREW Abbreviation and select Done”.


  • Once you have entered a CREW Team Name, City Name, and Abbreviation select CONTINUE”.


  • Use the CREW COLORS” and CREW LOGO” options to set up the color and logo styles for your new CREW team.


  • Once you have finished setting up the branding of your CREW, exit the screen (for Xbox this can be done by pressing “B” ) and you will be asked if you would like to keep or remove your changes. If you are happy with your CREW brand select KEEP CHANGES AND EXIT”


  • In the navigation menu you have the option to edit your crew jersey and branding should you wish to make additional changes. Do this by following steps 1 and 2, then selecting “EDIT CREW”. 


  • Be sure to save all your changes.


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