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MotoGP™19 PC Keyboard Controls

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Mouse and Keyboard controls for the PC version of MotoGP™19 are as follows:



PC Keyboard Controls

Accelerate – W


Change Camera – V


Weight Forward – Right Shift


Weight Backward – Right Ctrl


Steer Right – D


Steer Left – A


Clutch – F


Rear Brake – Space Bar


Front Brake / Reverse – S


Gear Down – Q


Gear Up – E


Increase Electronics Level – Up


Decrease Electronics Level – Down


Scroll Electronics Options L – Left


Scroll Electronics Options R – Right


Pause – ESC


Rewind / Voice Chat – R


View Back – Left ALT


View Up – Numpad 8


View Down – Numpad 2


View Left – Numpad 4


View Right – Numpad 6


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