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Meltys Quest – Item Farm Locations Guide

Meltys Quest - Item Farm Locations Guide

Wood – Noosel Plains


Stone – Goodyvis Quarry


Iron Ore – Mundele Mountains / Goodyvis Quarry


Gold Ore – Mundele Mountains


Crystal – Ice Wall / Mundele Mountains


Flax – Noosel Plains


Feather – Houses / Tamlyn’s Dress


Pelt – Mundele Mountains


Monster Tail – Succubus Forest


Fresh Water – Town Well


Holy Water – Vanguard Tower (or Gondol’s Mansion sidequest)


White Water – H-scene with Lizardman (Mundele Mountains)


Dye – Noosel Plains


Green Herb – Noosel Plains (Enter from North)


Red Herb – Drop from Cyclops / Red Slime


Blue Herb – Drop from Yetis (Ice Wall)


Monster Egg – Pregnancy (or Lilf boss for pure run)


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