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Manor Lords Beginner’s Guide – Tips for New Players

Manor Lords Beginner's Guide – Tips for New Players

Fans of city building and management, massive strategy battles, and medieval settings, rejoice! Manor Lords is here to satisfy all of your cravings, and boy is it awesome. Take on the role of a medieval Lord and build up a society of hard-working subjects in order to grow your might in the region. As seasons change and weather affects your food production, you’ll also need to deal with threats who want to either wipe out your town or claim it for themselves.


For this reason, you’ll need to be ready for anything at all times in Manor Lords. It’s a little stressful, but a good Lord always knows exactly what to do to protect the people in his charge. Are you worried you might not be Lord material? That’s ok, everyone has to start somewhere, and you can start here with this handy Manor Lords Beginner’s Guide. Use these tips & tricks to amplify your own game and inform your decision-making. Before too long, you’ll be the Lord and governor of a thriving city with a powerful army to back it up! So gather your subjects, and let’s get started!



Save the Trees

When you are placing buildings for your settlement, be careful about setting them down where there are trees. If you place buildings down on top of them and your workers get to work constructing them, the trees will disappear and no longer be able to be chopped down.


This is pretty important since you’ll need to collect wood for a number of reasons, especially early on in the game. It is a primary building material, and losing a chunk of that can mess you up in the short term. So, if you absolutely need to place buildings where there is a grouping of trees, go ahead and chop them down first so you can use them later, rather than losing them forever.



Transporting Materials

When you have chopped down some trees and now have a bunch of logs in your storage, they’ll need to be transported to the work sites where the construction is happening. How do they get moved? Well, each log individually (yes, one log at a time) gets hooked up to an Ox and dragged where it needs to go. Very Slowly.


Manor Lords Beginner's Guide – Tips for New Players


It’s obviously not ideal, but this is Medieval times, there were no trucks to load up! The only way to get around the excruciating wait is to 1.) get a few more Oxen, a total of 3 would be a good place to start, and 2.) use the fast-forward button to speed up the process. You’re still going to be waiting a while, but at least you can watch everything happen at a slightly-funny sped-up speed.



Building Modules

When selecting the area you want to designate for a house, try to go for a more rectangular shape rather than a square. You can go with a traditional square plot, but you’ll be missing out on a pretty important feature of the game: modules.


Modules are add-ons to your houses that provide extra resources with minimal cost. There are three of those modules right now: Vegetable Farm, Chicken Coop, and Goat Shed. Each one provides the benefits you would expect, and those benefits can be felt throughout your settlement, not just for that one household.



Obtaining Animals

In Manor Lords, animals are extremely helpful units to have. There are a few different kinds, and each one provides a helpful service to your settlement, so you should work on getting a few of each as soon as you can. But, before you can start your own zoo, there are a few steps you need to take first.


Manor Lords Beginner's Guide – Tips for New Players


In order to get any animals, you will need to build the Livestock Trading Post. This building will open up your animal options immediately, but you need to dedicate the space in order to build it. Next, you will click the post and set some parameters. You’ll see your animal options as well as how many you’re looking for and what they’ll cost your town. At least 3 Oxen, 2 Lambs, and 2 Sheep will be good to start, just make sure you have the money to back up those purchases.




With these tips, you should be ready to become the ultimate Medieval Lord in Manor Lords. Be sure to listen to your people’s needs and keep them supplied with food so they can perform all of the duties that will result in a thriving town.


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