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Kingdom Come: Deliverance PC Keyboard Controls

Kingdom Come: Deliverance PC Keyboard Controls

Mouse and Keyboard controls for the PC version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance are as follows:



All PC Settings



Default Key Bindings

General Controls:

  • Navigate: Use W, A, S, D for moving forward, left, backward, and right, respectively.


  • View: Look around your environment by moving the Mouse.


  • Interact: E or Enter to interact, use items, converse, or pick up objects.


  • Advance Conversations: Press Space or the Right mouse button to skip dialogue.


  • Access Menus or Exit: Esc or Backspace to open the menu, abort actions, or exit interfaces.



Movement Controls:

  • Leap or Ascend: Hit Space to jump or climb.


  • Hurry: Hold Left Shift to sprint.


  • Stealth Mode: Press C to toggle crouch for sneaking.


  • Increase Pace: Use Caps Lock to toggle run.


  • Summon Mount: Press X to call your horse.


  • Rotate: Use L to rotate right and K to rotate left.



Combat Controls:

  • Primary Attack: The Left mouse button delivers a primary attack.


  • Secondary Attack: The Right mouse button is used for secondary attacks.


  • Cancel Attack: Press E to abort an attack.


  • Focus: Use TAB to lock onto an opponent.


  • Kick or Special Move: Press F for a kick or special attack.


  • Defend: Q to block incoming attacks.


  • Arm Yourself: Press 1 to draw melee weapons or shield, and 2 for range weapons.


  • Targeting: Mouse wheel up to select the next opponent and Mouse wheel down for the previous one.


  • Disengage: Use the Middle mouse button to unlock target.


  • Yield: Press G to surrender in combat.



Inventory and Menus:

  • Access Inventory: Press I to open inventory.


  • Player Options: Press P for the player menu.


  • Manage Horse: Press B for the horse menu.


  • Quests: Use J to open the Quest log.


  • Maps: Press M to view the map and the Middle mouse button to center it.


  • Knowledge: N opens the Codex for lore and information.


  • Navigation: Use TAB to cycle through tabs in menus.



Other Controls:

  • Capture Moments: F12 to take a screenshot.


  • Minigame Actions: F and Q serve as secondary and tertiary actions in minigames, respectively.


  • Alchemy Precision: R resets the alchemy bench, while the Mouse wheel adjusts sharpening pressure (up to increase, down to decrease).


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