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Kaiserpunk – Army & Unit Stats

Kaiserpunk - Army & Unit Stats

The combined army stats show a sum of stats of all the individual army units the army consists of. They can give you a good overall view of the army, its strengths and weaknesses, and how best to use it and in what situations.



Unit Stats

Kaiserpunk - Army & Unit Stats


  • Health – How much damage can the unit withstand before dying


  • Damage vs land – How much damage the unit can inflict on land units (battalion units)


  • Damage vs air – How much damage the unit can inflict on air units (squadron units)


  • Damage vs naval – How much damage the unit can inflict on naval units (fleet units)


  • Supplies needed – How much and what resources the unit needs to be fully supplied


  • Supply state – Low supplies leads to low efficiency in combat


  • Experience – Each individual unit gains experience in combat and can increase in level which provides some passive bonuses. This stat is not relevant for the entire army, but only on the individual level.


  • Cooldown – Time it takes for the army to be able to commit a new action. This stat is only relevant for the entire army and is ignored on the level of the individual army unit.


Army unit stats, and by extension, army stats can be modified by a number of factors:


  • Region terrain bonuses/penalties


  • Army general bonuses


  • Unit experience level


  • Army supply state


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