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Imperator: Rome – Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Imperator: Rome - Tips & Tricks for Beginners

  • There are 3 distinct types of countries that play very differently: Republics, Monarchies and Tribes.


  • Those then have a number of subtypes with different bonuses.


  • Only one of those worth mentioning is Migratory Tribe that has access to the unique migration mechanic.


  • Countries with the same government type will play very differently based on the populations as well as terrain in and around them.


  • Map is split into Cities.


  • Cities are grouped into Provinces.


  • Provinces and grouped into Regions.


  • Almost all interactions happen on city or province level.


  • Each province has a city that is a province capital. They are marked with a white column on the map.


  • Each country has their Capital Province and Capital Region based on where their Capital City is located. Capital City is marked on them map with a white column adorned with a golden wreath.


  • Each country has a ruler who’s abilities and traits may have a major effect on the whole state.


  • Gold is generated by taxes and commerce (see: Pops, Trade) and spent on armies, fortifications and wages for characters, among other things.


  • Army upkeep will be your main cost and a limiting factor.


  • Manpower is generated by certain pops and spent to reinforce your armies or train new units.


  • Military, Civic, Oratory and Religious Powers are generated every month based on the 4 matching abilities of your ruler with additional points for matching government civics.


  • Each government type has 2 or more civic slots to be filled with available bonuses for 50 oratory power a piece.


  • Each of those slots has assigned a type based on a country’s government. Matching those types will provide important bonuses, including additional monthly power income. It’s important to fill those asap.


  • New civics become available upon reaching rank 6 and then 12 of the matching research.


  • Countries are ranked by the number of cities they control: City State, Local Power, Regional Power, Major Power and Great Power.


  • Each subsequent rank provides increasing bonuses and unlock new diplomatic options.


  • Becoming a Regional Power (25 to 99 cities) doubles your governmental bonuses including ones to power income. It is important to reach that level as soon as possible.


  • Only countries of the same rank can be allies. For example a Regional Power can’t ally with a Local Power, it can only guarantee it.


  • You are eliminated from the game by being annexed or losing a civil war.


  • Civil wars can be VERY scary and need to be managed with utmost caution.


  • There are no piece deals in civil wars – side loses when it runs out of territory.


  • Territory taken in a civil war siege instantly switches to the besieger. There is no occupation like with normal war.


  • In Diplomacy screen (F7) you can switch your diplomatic stance for a base cost of 100 oratory power. Bonuses they provide may be very significant depending on your situation.


  • Stability is decent, but not nearly as crucial as in EU4.


  • Declaring an early war without a casus belli is a valid strategy most of the time, but has some limitations.


  • At the same time religious power is usually something you have plenty of to spare.


  • Aggressive expansion up to 50 points can be managed fairly easily if you assimilate your newly conquered pops fast enough. It will mess with your trading tho.


  • Past 50 points aggressive expansion starts to increase all your power costs, so it would be expensive to stay that way for long.


  • Tyranny can be very difficult to get rid of to any country that isn’t an Aristocratic Monarchy. Avoid when necessary, the bonuses it provides are not worth it.


  • The value of different power points can vary greatly based on your country and overall situation, but Civic seems to be almost always a frontrunner.


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