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Relic Weapons Locations

Dropshot Relic

In Act 2, keep your eye out for a patch of ice while you’re searching for the signal source. The ice has a red gear omen on it, and there’s an opening to its left. Enter it to collect the Dropshot Relic.



Boomshot Relic

In Act 2, head to the North Tower substation in The Valley. There are two generators to the right of it so go between them. You’ll get the Boomshot Relic from the right.



Longshot Relic

During the first Missing Outsiders mission, go to the shacks just outside of The Longshot Relic can be found in the old wooden shacks near New Hope.



Torque Bow Relic

When going to the Abandoned Mine in the South of the Valley during Act 2, stick to the dirt track and you’ll find the weapon next to a wooden support. This is just south-west of the East Comm. Tower.




How to get Terminator

Here’s a quick rundown of how to get Terminator in Gears 5. Actually, it’s not just the Terminator that’s featured in this DLC. If you qualify you’ll also get a Sarah Connor skin, as well as a couple of other bonuses. So you definitely want to be sure you get this, if you’re a fan of the long running series. How do you do it? Pre-order the game, of course. Yes, as is typical of free DLC these days, it’s only free to those who pre-order the game digitally or through retail. Doing so will get you a code which you can then enter to receive the content. If you don’t want to do that though, there’s one more way.



Game Pass, Microsoft’s game subscription service, will also allow players to get the Terminator at no additional charge. Anyone who downloads and plays Gears 5 on an active Game Pass subscription within the first week of release will get the Terminator Dark Fate DLC added for free. This means you need to download and play the game before September 16th to qualify, so make sure you do so if you want the DLC.



And that’s how to get Terminator in Gears 5. Once you have the character, you should be able to switch to him or Sarah Connor using the same method as any others. Keep in mind though that the use of these skins is limited to only certain modes.


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