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Far Cry 6 Cheats (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S)

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How to Get a Tank Early in Far Cry 6

Keep playing the story until Clara Garcia asks you to recruit Benito Menguez to the cause when you first arrive on Isla Santuario at the start of the game. After accepting the mission, instead of going to Benito, go to the west of the island and look for the Military Target Cabeza Fuel Depot. Take over this fuel depot to add it to your safe houses, and this location will also provide you with a Vehicle Point. To add the tank to your mission, you’ll need this.




Now go to Benito and follow the mission waypoint. Benito will order you to seize this fuel depot and assassinate Rosario, the Lt. in charge of the military sites. Because you’ve already taken the fuel depot, your next mission will be to locate and kill Rosario at another military checkpoint. When you arrive at the checkpoint, you’ll notice that it has two tanks.


Get into the tank outside the checkpoint as quickly as possible. Once you’ve gotten inside this tank, make sure to destroy the other tank as soon as possible so soldiers can’t get inside and blow you up. After the tank has been destroyed, kill everyone else, including Rosario, and drive the tank back to the Cabeza Fuel Depot’s Vehicle Collection spot. This will add the tank to your collection, and you’ll be able to summon it at any time from any Vehicle Point on the map.



All Lorenzo’s Children’s Locations

Location #1 โ€“ Filipe

You must travel west in Sierra Perdida from where you first received the quest after speaking with Lorenzo to Lapida Mgote, where you will find the first search zone. With the mist, this area will be a little spooky, and if you follow the misty path, you’ll find Filipe in ghost makeup.



Location #2 โ€“ Tiago

The second son lives in a small town northeast of Verde Lake. Inside the building to the left of Paladar Fajardo Restaurante, the child will be. Climb to the roof of the building that is holding Tiago hostage and shoot the lock through the open window. You’ll be able to hear Tiago begging for help. To save Tiago, untie him and speak with him.



Location #3 โ€“ Riel

The next location is immediately south of Savanna Fields in Sierra Perdida, east of Basilica De La Virgen. You need to enter the shop with a green table where you can interact with a potted flower. After smelling the flower, follow Riel’s apparitions, and it will lead you straight to Riel.



Location #4 โ€“ Juan

The next location is in Sierra Perdida, just south of Savanna Fields and east of Basilica De La Virgen. You must enter the shop through the green table where a potted flower can be interacted with. Following Riel’s apparitions after smelling the flower will lead you directly to Riel.



Location #5 โ€“ Camilo

Barriga Town is located directly north of Savannah Fields, just below Cauto de Paso Lagoon. By looking at the picture clue on your phone, you can locate the open hut near the docks. Inside the building, there will be enemies holding Camilo captive, so you must first eliminate the enemies before rescuing Camilo.



Location #6 โ€“ Maricela

You must travel to Conuco, northeast of Isabel Steppes, to the riverside houses. Outside, the mannequins will be in various poses in this small area. Here you will find a dog with whom you must first interact before leading you directly to Maricela.



Location #7 โ€“ Xiomara

The last child in Conuco can be found in Concepcion, in the town’s northwest corner. An NPC can be found spraying a blue heart on the top of a building’s wall. Climb the ladder and speak with Xiomara, Lorenzo’s last child.


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