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F1 2021: Video Game Cheats

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Achievements & Trophies

The following are all the F1 2021: Video Game Achievements & Trophies and how you can unlock them:


Epic Racer

You did it!


The Beginning

Complete the Prologue


The Incident

Reach the end of Chapter 6


The Bust Up

Reach the end of Chapter 10


The End

Complete Story Mode


Go, Team!

Complete your first session in your My Team car.


The road ahead

Complete your first race weekend with your own team


In a rush?

Complete a Practice Programme session using Quick Practice


Start a Two-Player Career

Complete your first race in Two-Player Career


Best in session

Achieve Pole Position after any qualifying session


Go easy on them

During an interview, your actions lowered the morale of a Department in your Team


Showing huge potential

Get on the podium


1st of many

Get 1st on the podium


World Champion

Win the F1 Drivers’ Championship


Constructors Champion

Win the F1 Constructors Championship


A weekend to remember

Set the fastest lap in all 3 Practice sessions, get pole and win the GP


R&D Lover

Develop a component in every R&D Department


Positive vibes

Have more than one Department in a positive morale status


Multiplayer Victory

Win your first online race (excluding career)


Multiplayer Fame

Win 5 online races (excluding career)


Tracked Addiction

Complete 50 hours of total track time


10 down

Finish 10 races in online multiplayer (excluding career)


In the multiplayer zone

Finish 50 races in online multiplayer (excluding career)


Dedicated to the cause

Finish 100 races in online multiplayer (excluding career)


Qualifying Master

Achieve 50 pole positions


Passion of Italy

Win a single Grand Prix event at Monza as Ferrari or AlphaTauri


Passion of Japan

Win a GP event at Suzuka with a Honda Power Unit


Passion of Great Britain

Win a Silverstone GP as Williams, McLaren, Aston Martin, Red Bull or Alpine


Second time around

Complete a 2nd season of My Team/Driver Career/Two Player Career


Monaco Hero

Win a 50% distance (or longer) F1 race at Monaco


League Racer

Complete a League event


Look shifty

Win a race using manual gearbox.


I like to watch

Spectate an online race


Strike a pose

Show off your custom emote on the podium


Mixing it up

Edit your customization and complete an online race using it


One for the bank

Save a captured highlight in Theatre Mode


Erase the past

Use Flashback to rewind time


Perfect record

Achieve 1st place for every race in a 10 race season


1 lap is all I need

Complete 10 One-Shot Qualifying sessions


Highs and Lows

Win at both Spa-Francorchamps and Sochi Autodrom in Grand Prix.


Clean Me

Complete 10 Clean Online races (excluding career)


Touring the Americas

Take a photo in Photo Mode on the USA, Brazil, Mexico & Canada circuits


Early R&D

Develop first R&D upgrade in any department


Stitch in time

Adapt an upgrade whilst within its Regulation Change warning period


Overnight parts

Successfully develop a component using Rush option


Remembering your roots

Complete a medium length F2 GP event (Feature & Sprint)


Two Player Career Complete!

Complete a season in Two Player Career


For the history books

Reach a Team Acclaim level of 20 in My Team mode


Going to need a bigger cabinet

Earn 15 Trophies for the Trophy Cabinet


Wet look

Win a 25% race in wet conditions


We got ’em

Hire an acclaim level 15 or higher Driver in My Team



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