CODE VEIN - Basic Stats Guide - Magic Game World

CODE VEIN – Basic Stats Guide

CODE VEIN - Basic Stats Guide

HP: Hitpoints. Self-explanatory. Value will grow with leveling.


Stamina: Total Stamina, that will be used for attacking, dodging and blocking. Value will grow with leveling.


Ichor: Max starting Ichor (Max total Ichor). Your starting value is how much max Ichor you have upon equipping the Blood Code, while the value in parenthesis is how much Ichor you can have maximum if you were to chain many drain attacks.


Base Balance: Balance represents your stagger value. The higher it is the harder you are to stagger, interrupting your attacks.


Base Mobility: The mobility modifier that will be applied to your dodges depending on your total weight.


Weight Limit: One of the most important stats in the game, weight limit represents the total weight you can equip without being penalized. This includes both the weight of your weapon and the weight of your Blood Veil. Note that weight is calculated independently for both weapons, meaning the weight of weapon 1 has no bearing on weapon 2 and vice versa.


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