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ArcheAge: Unchained – How to Use Farm Cart and a Farm Wagon

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When using a farm cart and farm wagon you have a few control options. When you mount the transport a few icons appear on your screen. These icons let you speed up the cart by +50% for 8 minutes if you have Eco-Friendly Fuel (T button), speed up the cart by +25% for 4 minutes if you have Axle Grease (U button). Sound the horn (Y button) and most importantly the Owner’s Mark (R button).


The Owner’s Mark makes sure that other players can’t steal your cart while you are making trade packs or delivering them. It’s important to remember to use when you are delivering trade packs. Some players have a habit of stealing your cart while you deliver your first pack.


They drive it to a spot where monsters will attack it in the hopes of stealing at least one trade pack for themselves. So always activate your owner’s mark if you have more than one trade pack.


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