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American Truck Simulator – Washington Cheats

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In order to unlock the Developer Console simply follow the quick easy steps given below. Open “My Documents\American Truck Simulator”.


Open the “Config.ini” file with any text editor Notepad will do.


Locate these line and make the following changes(0 to 1)


uset g_developer “0”

uset g_console “0”

After Change

uset g_developer “1”

uset g_console “1”


Save the File and Run the Game. Use the ‘~’ button to use the console.


Note: Don’t Forget to backup the file before editing.



Infinite Money Cheat

Now go into your game and find the closest rest area.


Next open up the console by pressing the # or ~ key (to the left of the 1 key and under esc) and type “g_set_time x”.


This will push the game to the next day at 12:00am.


You will be tired so sleep.


You can rest 3 time and repeat.


Keep repeating those two steps over and over until you get all the money you need or want. It focus on paying off your debt to the bank first, then your drivers will make you lots of money, the more drivers the better!



Other Cheats


Teleport to indicated coordinates – goto ([x];[y];[z])

Teleport to indicated city; press [F9] to

teleport your truck – goto [city name]

Create saved game – save

Set flycam speed – g_flyspeed [number]

View frame rate – g_fps [number]

Toggle police penalty – g_police [0 or 1]

Set time – g_set_time [number]

Set weather – g_set_weather [number]

Toggle traffic – g_traffic [0 or 1]

Toggle full screen – f_fullscreen [0 or 1]

Toggle VSync – r_vsync [0 or 1]


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