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West of Loathing – A Bounty Hunting Guide


Taking down The Blackhat Bandits: A Bounty Hunting Guide

Having trouble bringing The Blackhats to justice? Here’s a quick guide on how to catch those varmints.



Old Millinery Hat Room #1




This one’s obvious, the first member of the gang you’re looking for is hiding under the only black hat in the room.



Old Millinery Hat Room #2




Unlike the last guy, everyone else is actually trying to hide. Bandit #2’s hat will move as she impatiently fidgets in her hiding spot every few seconds.



You get the idea




Bandit #3’s a little tricky at first glance. To find him: Look at the curvature of every hat until you spot the difference.



Section Title




…Bandit #4 got bored waiting for you to find the last guy or leave, and fell asleep…

…Just, uh, look for the “Z”‘s and shoot, buck’o.



Room 5: The Other “Hard” One




The Last Bandit needs a little bit o’ outfoxin’ to arrest, since he’s the best hidden out of the gang, with no real clues on how to figure out which box he’s hiding under…

…He does, however, have a thing for music.

Before you go in to catch him, start up the piano next to his room and play the 3rd song listed.




When you enter, you’ll find him whistling to the awfully great tune playing outside.



Bounty Complete, now go get yer meat.




Congratulations! You’ve captured the Blackhat Bandit Gang. Now all that’s left to do is head back to Dirtwater and collect your reward, then ride off into the sunset on your crazy horse to go waste it on being bad at poker or something…

I don’t bloody know what you do with your “meat”…

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