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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War – PC Controls

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PC Controls

LeftMouseButton: Select


RightMouseButton: Move / attack / cancel targeting


Space: Next task


Ctrl+Space: Force end turn


Tab: Next idle unit / next city


Shift+Tab: Previous idle unit / previous city


Enter: Chat


Q: Unit ability 1


W: Unit ability 2


E: Unit ability 3


R: Unit ability 4


A: Unit ability 5


S: Unit ability 6


D: Unit ability 7


F: Unit ability 8


Y: Unit ability 9


X: Unit ability 10


C: Unit ability 11


V: Unit ability 12


1: Unit item 1


2: Unit item 2


3: Unit item 3


4: Unit item 4


5: Unit item 5


6: Unit item 6


Escape: Menu screen / back / cancel


F1: Compendium screen


F2: Research screen


F3: Quests screen


F4: Factions screen


F5: Quick save


F9: Quick load


PrtScr: Save JPG screen shot


Shift+PrtScr: Save JPG screen shot without HUD


Alt+PrtScr: Save PNG screen shot


Alt+Shift+PrtScr: Save PNG screen shot without HUD


Ctrl+P: Save JPG screen shot


Ctrl+Shift+P: Save JPG screen shot without HUD


Ctrl+Alt+P: Save PNG screen shot


Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P: Save PNG screen shot without HUD


Alt+F4: Quit


Alt+Enter: Full screen


Ctrl+D: Debug panel


Ctrl+F: Metrics


Ctrl+R: Refresh (reload modified) data


Ctrl+E: Settings screen


Ctrl+H: HUD


Ctrl+L: Load screen


Ctrl+M: Mixer panel


Ctrl+N: Next music track


Ctrl+S: Save screen


Ctrl+U: Unit overlay


Ctrl+Y: Yield overlay


Ctrl+MouseButton event: Clear all events


Ctrl+MouseWheelScroll: Change time of day


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