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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Elite Units and Their Crucial Role


The Elite units are one of the new and probably the most important mechanics in Dawn of War III. Each race has access to a wide enough variety of elites split between multiple self-explanatory roles: Nuker, Assassin, Crowd Control, Support and Tank. These units have unique abilities as well as doctrines tied to them and have the potential power of wiping entire armies if properly used but a limit of three per army. Picking the three elites to synergize with your strategic choices, play style and doctrines bares a decisive strategic significance.


In battle the elite units have a spawning price ranging from 2 to 10 elite points and can be respawned for free after a certain amount time from their death. The elite points required to spawn them are gained every 120 seconds and this process can decreased with 20 seconds for each resource point captured that grants a bonus towards elites. The cost management system for spawning elites requires potentially match deciding choices. Spawning cheaper elites early on can give you an advantage over the enemy army, but saving the points to spawn one of the more powerful units can have devastating effects against unprepared enemies or have a backlash effect.


Mastering the elites is the key of becoming a good Dawn of War III player and this won’t be an easy task. There is a lot of testing, planning and decision making involved in the process before even getting into the micromanagement and only those dedicated enough to the game will probably get there.





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