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Victory At Sea Pacific – Performance Tips

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Performance Tips

The most important things to remember when getting Victory at Sea Pacific to run smoothly on your computer are your CPU speed, the amount of built-in RAM, the type of graphics card in your computer, and the in-game settings you select.


Victory at Sea Pacific will play more smoothly on faster computers with more RAM. If you are dissatisfied with the performance of the game on your computer, there are a couple of things you can do that are likely to improve performance:


• Close all other applications: You are strongly encouraged to quit all other applications before launching Victory at Sea Pacific – other applications drain resources and slow the overall system performance.


• Clear disk space: Ensure that your main hard disk has plenty of spare disk space.


• Disconnect your second monitor (having an additional monitor connected to your computer may create a drop in performance).


• If you are using a laptop, plug in your charger (running on battery power may create a drop in performance).


In addition to these, there are numerous specific in-game settings you can select to speed up the game.


From the main menu, go to options. You can set the presets from Fastest to Fantastic.


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