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The Sims 4 – Useful Keyboard Shortcuts Guide


There are a ton of options in this game, and it takes full advantage of keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier. It’s worth remembering a few of these because it’ll save you the time of having to go through menus constantly.



Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

When using Build Mode to change your home:


  • Eyedropper Tool: E


  • Hand Tool: H


  • Sledgehammer Tool: L


  • Design Tool: R


  • Wall Tool: B


  • Move House: U


  • Apply a pattern/paint and entire wall or area: Hold down Shift or Alt, respectively.



In Live Mode (When Time is either paused or passing):


  • Take a screenshot: C


  • Take a video recording: V


  • View different floors of a home: PageUp, PageDown


  • Show all Walls: Home key


  • Remove all Walls from display: End key.


  • Stop Time: ` (next to the 1 key above the QWERTY row) or P


  • Advance time normally: 1


  • Advance time twice as fast: 2


  • Advance time thrice as fast: 3


  • Zoom out to the entire map of your neighborhood: M


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