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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) – Turns Guide

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Teamfight Tactics has four different kinds of phases. Turns generally have a shop phase and an attacking phase, but there are particular instances where either the shop or attacking phase are replaced with a different type of phase. There are normally six sub-stages in a round, apart from the first stage, in which there are only three. Below is a summary of the stages in any game of Teamfight Tactics.



Stage 1

  • Stage 1-1: Draft phase/Minions phase


  • Stage 2-2: Shop phase/Minions phase


  • Stage 3-3: Shop phase/Minions phase



Every other Stage

  • Stage X-1: Shop phase/Attack phase


  • Stage X-2: Shop phase/Attack phase


  • Stage X-3: Shop phase/Attack phase


  • Stage X-4: Draft phase/Attack phase


  • Stage X-5: Shop phase/Attack phase


  • Stage X-6: Shop phase/Minions phase


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