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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) – Six Sorcerers Team Comp & Build (S Tier Comp)

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Six Sorcerers Team Comp & Build (S Tier Comp)

Champions: Morgana, Ahri, Veigar, Lulu, Aurelion Sol, Kassadin, Cho*Gtah, Gnar


Aurelion Sol is a great carry and Morgana sits in the center of the formation holding as many Lockets of the Iron Solari (which scales with the 6 sorc buff) as possible. Gnar and Cho’Gath will be your solid frontline.


When to make:

If while playing the game, you stumble upon several Kassadins and your items are mostly mana and spell power pieces, it’s probably a good time to consider playing 6 sorcerers. Seraph+Deathcap is all you really need. A couple of Rods and armor items are also a viable start for this comp.




  • Early game: Kassadin is the key at the start, your other units are just to keep you from losing too much damage early. If you can get Lulu and Morgana, put the Locket on Morgana and you should have a swell time. Find a DPS carry like Nidalee to hold a Guinsoo’s if you can.


  • Mid game:  Here, you are just holding out until you can reach your final build. Try to get to level 7 and start transitioning into 6 sorc+1 frontliner. You can make Brand into a sorcerer with Yuumi and remove Kassadin/Ahri/Twisted Fate since Brand is a demon and mana drain is strong against popular CC units like Cho and Sejuani.



General tips:

  • This can be a hard comp to come online with, so be patient if you start losing mid game. Feel free to swap Twisted Fate in for Ahri as he fills a similar role.


  • Wait until level 7 to make a full transition, as trying to roll for an Aurelion Sol at 6 can be really difficult.


  • At level 7, you can more easily start rolling for frontliners, and you need them and their CC so don’t hesitate to spend fast.



Ideal items for carries:

  • Aurelion Sol (carry #1): Seraph’s Embrace, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Rabadon’s Deathcap


  • Morgana (carry #2): Locket of the Iron Solari x3


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