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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) – How do you beat Glacial?

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How do you beat Glacial?

The age-old question of “how do I escape non-stop crowd control?” is usually answered by burst damage. Having Brand and other elementalists will give you a Daisy. That Daisy will act as a front line, and she can absorb stuns and damage. Spacing out your units to avoid large area of effect stuns from opponents like Sejuani, Cho’gath, or Leona will further help. Assassins that can reach the back line and get their ability off, which can prove detrimental to Glacial’s success. Battling Glacial is ultimately an odds game, and the more your opponent can auto attack, the more stuns they get off in the end. Having Kindred and Karthus does well because of the Phantom buff. Plus, the Karthus ult will hit all enemy units.


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