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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) – Guardian Angel and Four Star Units

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Guardian Angel and Four Star Units

The new Guardian Angel still revives units with 500 health, but it now also increases their star level by one. This works on any unit, so your champion will always revive one star level higher. The level cap has been raised to Level 4, which you can only get with the new Guardian Angel.


Becoming a four star unit carries all the benefits of upgrading units as well. Upon revival, while you may only have 500 health, your maximum health doubles. Because we still don’t have a more in-depth stats screen for units in Teamfight Tactics, we don’t specifically know how greatly other base stats are changed when upgraded to four stars.


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Stacking Guardian Angel seems to have a different effect, though. The Guardian Angel gives the typical buff upon first revival. When the second Guardian Angel is activated, it appears that the unit does not gain an additional level when revived. However, it does revive with full health, rather than the expected 500. Because these changes are new to the PBE, time will tell whether Guardian Angel stacking will provide the same bonuses.


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