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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) – God Tier (S) Items Guide

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God Tier (S) Items Guide

Guinsoo’s Rageblade

Gain 3% stacking Attack Speed on it. Stacks infinitely.


Attack Speed is one of the most useful stats in Teamfight Tactics because attacking the opponents you won’t only damage them, but also charge your mana bar and finally cast the champion special ability. The faster you do it, the higher your chances to turn the outcome of the game in your favor.


Guinsoo’s Rageblade is composed of Recurve Bow and Needlessly Large Rod. It is not easy to build because those are generally used for the best items in the game, so most experienced players look for them during the Carousel stage.




Rapid Firecannon

Attack Range is doubled. Attacks can’t miss.


Rapid Firecannon is another difficult item to build as it requires two Recurve Bow (so it brings also lots of attack speed).


It is a hard counter against Yordle lineups, units with Phantom Dancer, and Shen as it nullifies his special ability Spirit’s Refuge (it creates a zone around him where the allies dodge all the attacks).


The attack range bonus is truly helpful on your carries because you can just place them at a long distance (even at the corner of the map) and let them attack safely for the whole battle.



Phantom Dancer

Wearer dodges all Critical Strikes.


Phantom Dancer is the perfect item for tanks if your opponents have lots of physical damage because dodging the critical strikes is better than mitigating the damage via armor or healing.



Dragon’s Claw

Gain 83% Magic Resistance.


Dragon Claw makes your units almost immune to magic damage, so it is godly versus caster lineups.


You should consider using it not only on tanks but also on squishy damage dealers as helping their survivability increases also their total damage in a round.


It is relatively easy to build because it requires two Negatron Cloak, which is not a popular item.



Spear of Shojin

After casting, recover 15% of maximum Mana per attack.


Each unit in the game has a mana bar. It is empty and requires to be filled in order to cast their special ability. Not all the champions need the same amount of mana, and the strongest abilities in the game can demand up to 150 mana (100 is the average).


Spear of Shojin doesn’t provide a flat amount of mana per hit but a percentage, so it is amazing on champions who require lots of it. It helps to pull out a second use of a powerful ultimate during the same round, especially if you have also more items that increase your starting mana.



Force of Nature

Gain +1 team size.


Force of Nature is self-explanatory. I see no reason to not build it whenever you have the chance to as adding an extra unit to your lineup will always be beneficial.


You can unlock more synergies or even just increase the fighting power of your team.


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