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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Brawlers/Glacial Comp & Build 9.15b

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Brawlers/Glacial Comp & Build

This comp is the first time we’ve seen Twisted Fate being utilised. The idea is that he is the ultimate support to the rest of the champions by hopefully giving mana to your team. This allows the likes of Kennen to use his ability often, while Elementalists and Yordles use the big fat elemental and Yordle dodging to keep the attention off of your high priority champions.



  • Champions: Volibear, Blitzcrank, Rek’Sai, Cho’Gath, Ashe, Anivia, Brand, and Lissandra



Items for carries:

Volibear – Rapid Firecannon, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Warmog’s Armor


Cho’Gath – Morellonomicon (optional), Ionic Spark (optional)



Brawlers/Glacial gameplan

When to create – Getting the Rapid Firecannon early and some Brawlers is a good indicator you should go for this comp.


Early game – For this comp, focus on the Brawlers first. Getting four of them in the battlefield sets you up for a good mid-game. Use Wild champions like Warwick to help bolster your damage.


Mid game – Shift your focus here to ensure you have got Elementalists. There are some high-cost champions, so this could take a while. Keep buffing Volibear.



  • Top Tip – The key to making this deck work is using Blitzcrank well. If you ensure you make him target the right enemy, you can melt the enemy team. Any components to make Warmog’s Armor and Redemption in the early game can help a lot.



  • Variants – There are no variants right now, but it’s likely that 9.16’s introduction of the sixth Brawler will ensure that a full Brawler team is possible. To that end, replace Lissandra and Ashe with the two Brawlers. You can also put a second Hextech champion instead of Brand.


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