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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Basic Items Guide

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Basic Items

Items increase your champions’ base stats and can upgrade into stronger items that provide unique effects. In PvE rounds, each monster you defeat has a chance of dropping an item. In Draft rounds, every draftable champion comes with an item equipped. You’ll always see basic items early on, but as the game progresses, you’ll have a shot at upgraded items.


There are eight basic items:


1 20 BF Sword: Attacks deal more damage


1 21 Recurve Bow: Attack more often


1 22 Needlessly Large Rod: Abilities are stronger


1 23 Tear of the Goddess: Begin combat with some mana


1 24 Giant’s Belt: Gain health


1 25 Chain Vest: Take less damage from basic attacks


7 Negatron Cloak: Take less damage from abilities


8 Spatula: Provides no stats, but upgrades into various rule-breaking items!


Equip items by dragging and dropping them onto your champions (be careful, this can’t be undone). If you equip a champion with two basic items, those items automatically combine into an upgraded item, sharing the same combination of stats as its components. Every pair of basic items creates a different upgraded item!


Upgraded items can buff your attacks and abilities, grant unique effects, and even change the properties of your champions! Here are just a few examples; you’ll see dozens more during your time in Teamfight Tactics!


1 26 Infinity Edge: Critical strikes deal double damage


1 27 Locket of the Iron Solari: At the start of combat, wielder and adjacent champions gain a shield


1 28 Knight’s Vow: Wielder is also a Knight


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