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Stronghold: Warlords PC Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

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PC Keyboard Shortcuts



Camera Movement – W, A, S, D / Arrow Keys


Rotate Camera Left – Q


Rotate Camera Right – E


Select – Left Mouse Button


Order – Right Mouse Button


Camera Zoom In & Out – Mouse Wheel / Alt+W / Alt+S


Open The Menu – ESC


Open Warlords Map – Space Bar


Toggle Chat – Shift+Enter


Toggle Team Chat – Enter


Toggle Interface On/Off – Backspace


Top-Down View – Alt+Space Bar




Delete Buildings – Delete


Repair Buildings – Insert


Rotate Buildings – Shift+Q / Shift+E or Mouse Wheel


Granary – G


Market – V


Barracks – B


Select Stockpile – H


Military Academy – M


Siege Camp – N


Build Fast a Stone Curtain Wall – Z


Build Fast a Stone Wall – X




Select Unit Group (double tap to focus) – # (1-9 keys)


Create Unit Group – Ctrl+#


Add Selected Units to Group – Shift+#


Add Units to Current Selection – Shift+Left Mouse Button


Remove Units from Current Selection – Ctrl+Left Mouse Button


Patrol Between two points on the map – I


Cycle Focus on All Lords – Shift+L


Change between stances – R


Focus on Warning – C or Ctrl+Space Bar


Select Lord (double tap to focus) – L


Box Formation – F


Pack/Unpack Trebuchet – T


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