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Slay the Spire – Rare Red Cards Guide


Rare Red Cards

Barricade: 3(2) Energy, Block no longer expires at the start of your turn.
Great for very defensive builds, too expensive anywhere else. If you manage to pick up Calipers,
this card might be redundant.

Berserk: 1(0) Energy, If your HP is below 50%, gain 1 Energy at the start of each turn.
Great card for berserk runs, otherwise clutters up your deck for little to no effect.

Bludgeon: 3 Energy, Deal 32(42) damage.
Amazing card if you pick up the Necronomicon, otherwise a okayish finisher, usually too expensive. Combos great with Double Tap, if you have the energy for both.

Brutality: 0 Energy, (Innate.) At the start of your turn, lose 1 HP and draw 1 card.
Bad card, unless you can recover lots of HP and need the additional card-draw.

Dark Embrace: 2(1) Energy, Whenever a card is Exhausted, draw 1 card.
Great for Exhaust decks, especially if you have lots of 0 cost Exhaust cards. Otherwise junk.

Demon Form: 3 Energy, At the start of each turn, gain 2(3) Strength.
Tends to be a trap, unless you have some form of energy gain to play along. Useful against most stronger enemies.

Double Tap: 1 Energy, Your next (2) Attack(s) is(are) played twice.
Amazing card as a combo with any 2 or more Energy attack. Upgraded even useful with single energy attacks.

Exhume: 1(0) Energy, Choose an Exhausted card and put it in your hand. Exhaust.
Bad card, only very few actual uses.

Feed: 1 Energy, Deal 10(12) damage. If this kills an enemy, gain 3(4) permanent Max HP. Exhaust.
Amazing card, especially early on. Just remember to not only use it to finish enemies, if you can’t afford it.

Fiend Fire: 2 Energy, Exhaust your hand. Deal 7(10) damage for each Exhausted card. Exhaust.
Sometimes difficult to use, amazing card against enemies or yourself flooding your deck with Status cards. Great finisher, okay card in general.

Immolate: 1 Energy, Exhaust 1 card. If the chosen card was a Status or Curse, deal 10(15) damage to ALL enemies.
Got some curses or Statuses? This will solve the issue for you. Combos quite well with the Necronomicon curse, as the curse stays in you deck. Usually an acceptable card, due to deck management abilities.

Impervious: 2 Energy, Gain 30(40) Block. Exhaust.
Dead weight in most cases, can save you on rare occasions. Great card for defensive decks, that keep at least some block.

Juggernaut: 2 Energy, Whenever you gain Block, deal 3(5) damage to ALL enemies.
Okayish card in general, Amazing card in defensive decks. Try to upgrade it, though as damage increases a lot.

Limit Break: 1 Energy, Double your Strength. Exhaust (no Exhaust.)
If you got at least some strength, this card is amazing. A small deck will profit heavily from upgrading this card.

Offering: 0 Energy, Lose 5(3) HP. Gain 2 Energy. Draw 3 cards. Exhaust.
Without upgrade, this card is acceptable, with it it is great, as 3 HP is a low price for card-draw and energy.

Reaper: 2 Energy, Deal 4(5) damage to ALL enemies. Heal for unblocked damage dealt.
Usually a decent card, in a strength deck, this card is amazing. Junk in a purely defensive deck due to its high price.


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