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Press X to Not Die – Achievement Guide


Achievement Guide

You Got the Touch

Finish the game on at least Medium


You Got the Power

Finish the game on at least Hard


You’re the Best

Finish the game on Ridiculous


A Button Pressing God

Finish the game on Ridiculous without dying


In the beginning… (Special Edition DLC)

Finish the Press X to Not Die prototype

*This requires the DLC*


The Rest

Oops, I did it again. Again.

Don’t Learn Your Lesson.

During Chapter 2, in Christina’s house, when you’re given the action to watch your girlfriend shower, press the button. Keep pressing the button until Christina tells you not to press the button when the prompt comes up.


Chocolate Chocolate

Chocolate Chocolate. Chocolate? Chocolate.

This can be earned in Chapter 5 in the Science Lab. When you speak with the scientist, keep asking, “Do you love chocolate” until chocolate is eaten.


Balls of Steel

Get hit in the nuts in every possible way

Help out with the bike thieves, let the 2nd man kick you
>Let Mrs. Petersen attack you
>Let the Crazed Scientist staple gun you
>Let the Hockey Player hit you when you first see him


23 Ways to Die

Die in at least 23 different ways

Basically, don’t press any buttons whenever someone attacks you for 23 different times until you achieve this. Different hits from the same person counts as a different time (ie, roommate stabs you then roommate puts a knife in your chest = 2 different deaths)


Close Enough

Experience at least 90% of the game

Pretty self explanatory as well. Basically try different options/responses. Experiencing different types of deaths also accounts for it. This also takes score for all your play throughs.



Zoom in on Behind The Scenes Photo #8

On the main menu, go to Extras & DLC > Regular Extras > Behind the Scenes Photos.
Keep clicking until you’ve come to the 8th photo. From there, just zoom in.

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