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Postal 2 Receives 13 Year Late Update, Opens Previously Locked Area


If you ever played Postal 2, the 2003 shooter that really didn’t give a damn about who it offended – something you couldn’t really imagine being released in today’s day and age – you probably found yourself unable to enter the Paradise Mall. The sign on the outside claimed that it was “Closed for renovation,” but that it would one day open up on “June 2016.”


That’s a bit of a specific date to pick, but clearly, it’s one the developers were keen to stick to, as when June this year rolled around, the mall indeed opened up – with a hole in the fence that looked like it was formed by the Terminator’s time traveling. Through that, players have found that they can now enter the building, which grants access to a real-world Steam (or rather, Steme) store – via a suspiciously Vive-looking VR headset.


The shop’s logo is a pastiche of Steam’s and the shop features a number of fake games, such as DOOTV IV, HALF-LOAF 3 and Postal 2 Paradise Lost, among others, while advertising Postal Redux, the game that this update is clearly designed to advertise.


Advice from the cashier is pretty solid too: bet on the Red Sox and don’t buy Postal 3.


How do you get home? Back to good old 2003? Pick up the relevant sports almanac of course.


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