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Pokémon Café Mix Nintendo Switch Cheats

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Nintendo Switch Cheats

How to Recruit Pikachu for Free

The game is currently celebrating the Grand Opening Celebration, which comes with a few rewards. One such reward is Pikachu, who you can recruit for free by just logging in to the game for 5 days.


If you have downloaded and played the game from Day 1, you are well on course to getting Pikachu recruited for free on the 5th day of logging in. If you have missed this chance, your only remaining option is to by the Special Pikachu Pack, which will cost you $4.99.


The Special Pikachu Pack also comes with additional items that include a Skill Plus bonus, 4,900 Golden Acorns, and a horizontal and vertical Megaphone maker. Though you can get only Pikachu in the free method, the Special Pack does come with its own goodies to help you in the game. Either way, you will be all set in recruiting Pikachu with these methods.


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