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No Man’s Sky Next – Building Your First Base

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Building Your First Base

After placing the base computer, the game will now instruct you to begin building a base. This works just like everything else you’ve constructed so far. Open the Build interface, and go up through the options until you see the wooden floor. Provided you have sufficient carbon, you can build it (components you wish to build or place will always tell you how much of an ingredient you need.)


If you don’t have enough carbon, just search for plants – the larger the better, trees etc. – and use your mining laser on them to mine carbon. Then return to the area you’re building in, and place the floor. The game will then walk you through placing three wooden walls (they will automatically “snap” to the sides of the floor you’ve already placed,) a roof (note the required ingredients,) and a door. You can use your shelter – once it has a roof – to protect yourself from storms and other environmental hazards, even before placing the door. When inside it, your hazard protection will replenish.


Handy Tip: For any item in the build interface, you’ll see a button/key prompt that says it will “pin” that item to the guide. You can do this for anything, and it will create a list of objectives for creating or obtaining that item! Don’t hesitate to use this all the time. It’s how you learn.


Once you have completed this extremely basic structure, the game will tell you to return to the base computer.


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