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NBA 2K23: How to Purchase Attribute Points

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Attribute points play a very important role in NBA 2K23. It defines your players’ overall potential and even improves it as you progress. Therefore, knowing where and how to allocate your attribute points can give you the much-needed competitive edge in a game. This guide will discuss how you can assign those attribute points to your players. So, without further ado, let’s begin.




  • You can purchase attribute points in the Progression menu.


  • Once you’re inside the menu, use the D-pad to jump in between each attribute and add/remove points to/from them. Attribute points, once bought, cannot be removed.


  • Once you’re done assigning the attribute points, press A on your Xbox One Series X|S and X on your PS4 & PS5 to purchase those points.


  • A new window appears listing the total VC cost required to buy the points. Confirm to complete the purchase.


  • The attribute points have maximum potentials based on your character’s overall build (height, weight, wingspan and body shape), which you can decide when you create him for the first time. The attribute points cannot exceed the max potential.


  • There is also an attribute cap which activates when you reach level 85. You will have to raise the attribute cap if you want to reach level 99. Read our NBA 2K23 cap breaker guide for more information.


  • If you don’t like grinding, you can buy VC bundles instead. We also have an NBA 2K23 VC farming guide that mentions several ways you can earn some quick VC.




  • Although the decision depends on an individual player’s build, here is a more general list of attributes you can prioritize, especially if you don’t have a clear build in mind. This is an all-rounder build that’s suitable for most situations:


Three-Point Shot

Driving Dunk

Pass accuracy

Ball Handle


Speed with Ball

Defensive Rebound

Offensive Rebound


Perimeter Defense

Interior Defense



Free Throws


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